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November 3 NEDPA E-News November 3: Union Activity Reported, Labor Roadshow VI, Comment on the OT Threshold

October 28 NEDPA E-News October 28: Cornell CALS Report, NYSDEC Webinar, Roundtable with USDA FSA Admin

October 21 NEDPA E-News October 21: WCNY PBS Farmworker OT Threshold, 2023 DMC, Labor Roadshow VI

October 14 NEDPA E-News October 14: WNY Farmers Share Concerns, NYSDEC Info Session, Labor Roadshow VI

October 7 NEDPA E-News October 7: Assembly Democrats Hold Press Conference, Register for Labor Roadshow VI!

October 3 NEDPA E-News October 3: Media Coverage, NASDA, Labor Roadshow VI, PRO-DAIRY Updates

September 30 NEDPA E-Alert Friday, September 30: NYS DOL Announcements on Minimum Wage and Overtime

September 16 NEDPA E-News September 16: Grow NY Farms Public Comment Toolkit, Union Activity in WNY

September 12 NEDPA E Alert Monday, September 12: Farm Tour Discussions on Opportunities Dairy Brings to the CLCPA

September 8 NEDPA E-News September 8: Media Coverage, NEDPA Letter to Sen. Gillibrand, NYSDEC and CAFO Updates

September 7 NEDPA E Alert Wednesday, September 7: Farm Laborers Wage Board Submit Final Report

September 2 NEDPA E-News September 2: Wage Board Meeting Sept. 6, Webinar on OSHA Heat Regs, Bunker Silo Safety

August 26 NEDPA E-News August 26: NEDPA Comments on Proposed Part 360, Register for CAFO Permit Webinar Aug 30

August 22 NEDPA E Alert Monday, August 22: Register for the CAFO Permit Webinar- Tuesday, August 30 at 12 PM

August 19 NEDPA E-News August 19: NEDPA Letter, GNY Farms Coalition Toolkit, CAFO Permit Webinar August 30

August 15 NEDPA E Alert Monday, August 15: Grow NY Farms Take Action to #Stayat60 Toolkit

August 12 NEDPA E-News August 12:Interview with WCNY PBS, Media Coverage OT Threshold, Monkeypox CDC Guidance

August 8 NEDPA E-News August 8: Cayuga County Tour at Patterson Farms, NEDPA Letters, Cornell Spear Updates

July 29 NEDPA E-News July 29: Wage Board Meeting September 6, New CAFO Permit, Farm Bill Listening Tour

August 5 NEDPA E Alert Friday, August 5: Save the Dates for Upcoming Farm Bill Listening Sessions

July 25 NEDPA E Alert Monday, July 25: NYS DEC Releases New CAFO Permit

July 22 NEDPA E-News July 22: NMPF Updates Feature NEDPA Member Voices, PRO-Dairy on GDD, Labor Survey,

July 15 NEDPA E-News July 15: NY AEM Leopold Conservation Award, Heat Illness Prevention Reminders

July 8 NEDPA E-News July 8: NEDPA Advocacy Media Coverage, National FARM Updates, Cornell NMSP Updates

July 1 NEDPA E-News July 1:NEDPA Comments on CLCPA Draft Scoping Plan, PHWS Celebrates June Dairy Month

June 24 NEDPA E-News June 24: NY Tax Incentives Webinar Recording, Reminder to File Crop Acreage Reports

June 19 NEDPA E-News June 19: NYSDEC Commissioner Visit, NY Tax Incentives Webinar, AWD is Hiring

June 10 NEDPA E-News June 10: CNY Farms Host Cornell CALS, NY Tax Incentives, Heat Illness Prevention

June 2 NEDPA E-News June 2: GNYF Media Coverage, CLCPA Comments Deadline Extended, NY Tax Incentives

May 27 NEDPA E-News: GNYF Press Conference with Business Leaders, OSHA Updates, World Milk Day!

May 23 NEDPA E Alert Monday, May 23: NYSDEC Defoaming Agent Guidance

May 20 NEDPA E-News May 20: Advocacy Message from NEDPA’s Lobbyist, CLCPA Draft Scoping Plan Comments

May 13 NEDPA E-News May 13: Organizations Urge Gov. Hochul to Maintain OT Threshold, Heat Safety

May 6 NEDPA E-News May 6: NEDPA Supports Legislation, Delgado’s Appt as Lt Governor, County Resolutions

April 29 NEDPA E-News April 29: Pesticide Ban Bills Under Consideration in Albany, Ag Leadership Course

April 22 NEDPA E-News Friday, April 22: Contact Governor Hochul, NY Tax Credits, PERB Mediation, OSHA NEP

April 11 NEDPA E Alert Monday, April 11: Agricultural Funding in the NYS Final Budget

April 9 NEDPA E Alert Saturday, April 9: NEDPA Statement on NYS Final Budget

April 8 NEDPA E News Friday, April 8: NYS Budget, OSHA Enforcement Program, Haz Comm Webinar Recording

April 1 NEDPA E News Friday, April 1: Northeast Dairy Management Conference Overview

March 25 NEDPA E News Friday, March 25: Ag Water Withdrawal Reminder, Grow NY Farms- NYSAC Resolution