The Voice

NEDPA was established in 1993 to give Northeast dairy producers a united voice in pending environmental regulations on the horizon at that time. Environmental laws and permits that regulate CAFOs continue to be a priority focus of NEDPA. However, the organization has broadened its focus to include other important issues that have emerged on the dairy horizon, as well as helping member farms with specific regulatory and compliance challenges on their own farms.

NEDPA member farms range in size from 100 cows to over 5,000. All totalled, they represent over 187,000 cows and a major economic impact. These numbers command attention and NEDPA’s leadership on issues has influenced outcomes and earned the respect of legislators, decision-makers and government agencies.

NEDPA is represented on the NYS CAFO Workgroup, NYS OSHA Workgroup, Agriculture Workforce Development Council, Animal Well-Being Workgroup, Dairy Issues Team, and was part of the Governor's Strategic Interagency Task Force on Lessening Obstacles to Agriculture (SILO) in 2015. NEDPA continues to be actively involved in representing dairy producers’ interests in FOIL, immigration, Department of Labor, environmental and Farm Bill issues. In 2015, NEDPA initiated the formation of the Animal Well-Being Workgroup and the Agriculture Workforce Development Coalition, both have representation of all segments of the industry and each has the mission to positively and proactively promote the industry's dedication to the care and treatment of animals and workers on farms.