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April 9 NEDPA E News April 9, 2021 – NEDPA Statement on NY Budget, Comments Submitted to USDA NRC, E-Lobby

April 6 NEDPA E News April 6, 2021 -Vaccine Eligibility, LeadNY Accepting Apps, SPEAR Program Resources

March 29 NEDPA E Alert March 29, 2021 – COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility Expanded, Paid Leave Requirements

March 25 NEDPA E News March 25, 2021 – NEDPA Annual Mtg Recording and Resources

March 23 NEDPA E News March 23, 2021 – National Ag Day, NEDPA Annual Mtg Resources, Power Surge Recording

March 15 NEDPA E News March 15, 2021 -NEDPA Annual Meeting, Power Surge Discussion, Surveys

March 9 NEDPA E News March 9, 2021 -Power Surge Discussion, Surveys, COVID-19 Resources, Nourish NY

NEDPA Member Newsletter: March 2021 Issue One Step Ahead

March 2 NEDPA E News March 2, 2021 -OSHA 300A Deadline, Contact DPO Board, Communicating Env. Issues Webinar

February 24 NEDPA E News Feb. 24, 2021 -NEDPA Virtual Lobby Day, NEDPA Virtual Annual Meeting

February 22 NEDPA E News Feb. 22, 2021 -NEDPA Annual Meeting, Farm Employee Compensation Benchmark

February 15 NEDPA E News Feb. 15, 2021 -Communicating About Env. Issues Webinars, AEM-Leopold Conservation Award

February 10 NEDPA E News Feb. 10, 2021 -OSHA Webinar Recording/Reminders Updated OSHA Guidance, CDC Resources

February 5 NEDPA E News Feb. 5, 2021 – Sen. Ag Chair Listening Tour, Sen. Schumer Fundraiser, OSHA Webinar

February 1 NEDPA E News Monday, Feb. 1, 2021 -NEDPA Letters to U.S. Senators, ADANE Issue Alert, OSHA Webinar

January 29 NEDPA E-ALERT Friday, January 29, 2021 – NY Dairy OSHA LEP Update Webinar Feb. 9 at 11 AM – 12:30 PM

January 20 NEDPA E News Wednesday, January 20, 2021 – NEDPA Statement, Biden’s First 100 Days, Cornell Spear

January 18 NEDPA E News Monday, January 18, 2021 -NEDPA Signs on to Letter to Governor, Operation Managers Conf

January 11 NEDPA E News Monday, January 11, 2021 -State of the State Address, Ag Water Withdrawals

January 11 NEDPA E-ALERT Monday, January 11, 2021 – COVID-19 Vaccination Phase 1B Priority Clarification

January 9 NEDPA E-ALERT Saturday, January 9, 2021: Department of Ag & Markets Messaging on Phase 1B COVID-19

January 7 NEDPA E NEWS Thursday, January 7, 2021 – SSA Mismatch Letter Guidance

January 6 NEDPA E News January 6:NEDPA Media Efforts, Vaccination Plan, Becker Forum, Operation Managers Conf.


December 31 NEDPA E-ALERT Thursday, December 31: Wage Board Votes to Hold Overtime Threshold at 60 Hours

December 31 NEDPA E ALERT December 31st: Farm Labor Wage Board Meeting TODAY at 4 PM

December 29 NEDPA E ALERT December 29th: Farm Labor Wage Board Meetings TODAY at 4PM and Dec. 31 at 4PM

December 28 NEDPA E ALERT December 28th: TIME CHANGE: Farm Labor Wage Board Meeting TODAY at 5 PM

December 28 NEDPA E ALERT December 28th: Farm Labor Wage Board Meetings TODAY at 4PM and Tues. December 29 @ 4PM

December 23 NEDPA E News December 23: NEDPA Sends Advocacy Letters to Commissioner Reardon and Governor Cuomo

NEDPA Member Newsletter: December 2020 Issue One Step Ahead

December 22 NEDPA E ALERT December 22: Wage Board Mtg POSTPONED

December 22 NEDPA E News December 22: Flu Vaccine Posters, COVID-19 Resources, Feedback w/ DPO Board, OMC Series

December 21 NEDPA E ALERT December 21st: Wage Board Mtg Dec. 22 at 3 PM, Min. Wage Increase, Vaccine Schedule

December 14 NEDPA E News December 14: Letter Sent to Gov., Net Zero Initiative, Operation Managers Conference

December 4 NEDPA E News December 4: Letters to Gov. Cuomo, NEDPA BOD Advocating, Onboarding Webinar, CFAP 2

December 1 NEDPA E ALERT December 1st: Call to Action: Share Employee Stories on Social Media

November 23 NEDPA E News November 23: NEDPA Signs Letter to Gov, CPC Award, Onboarding Webinar, DMC Deadline

November 16 NEDPA E News November 16: Register Now for Labor Roadshow IV, FSA CFAP 2 Mtgs, NEDPA Survey

November 11 NEDPA E ALERT November 11th: Stay Vigilant as Union Activity is on the Rise on Farms

November 10 NEDPA E News November 10: NEDPA Solar Siting Survey, Labor Roadshow IV Agenda, COVID-19 Prevention

November 3 NEDPA E News November 3: NEDPA Solar Siting Survey, Labor Roadshow IV, Gov. Cuomo Announcement, FARM

October 22 NEDPA E News October 22: Labor Roadshow IV, Stay Vigilant, PSL Guidance, Submit Testimony

October 16 NEDPA E News October 16th: Membership Renewal Reminder, NY Dairy Issues Team Survey, Spanish Webinar

October 14 NEDPA E ALERT October 14th: NY Dairy Issues Team Communication Training Survey

October 13 NEDPA E News October 13th: Submit Testimony, FDA & USDA Sign MOU, Guidance for Agritourism, DMC

September 29 NEDPA E News September 29: Final Wage Board Hearing Wednesday, Sept. 30th, NYS Updates

September 23 NEDPA E News September 23 : Virtual Wage Board Hearing Sept. 30th, USDA CFAP 2.0 Producer Webinar

September 21 NEDPA E News September 21: CFAP 2 Announced, NMPF Toolbox, New Rules for Paid Leave, Safe Harvest

NEDPA Member Newsletter: September 2020 issue of One Step Ahead Active Hyperlinks

September 10 NEDPA E News September 10: Sexual Harassment Prevention, NMPF Resources, Ag Worker Testing Update

September 7 NEDPA E News September 7: NEDPA Chair in GF Post Star, NMPF Dairy Defined, Wage Board Hearing, PFL (

September 2 NEDPA E News September 2: Deadline Approaching for CFAP, NY FarmNet Webinars, Celebrate Employees

August 31 NEDPA E-ALERT – Monday, August 31: Today is the Final Virtual Wage Board Hearing at Noon

August 27 NEDPA E-ALERT – Thursday, August 27: Log in to listen to today’s Wage Board Hearing at Noon

August 26 NEDPA E-Alert Wednesday, August 26: Register for Tonight’s Labor Hearing — Farmer Voice Needs to be Heard

August 24 NEDPA E News August 24: REMINDER: Virtual Wage Board Hearings Begin This Week!

August 21 NEDPA E Alert August 21: Virtual Wage Board Hearings Announced

August 20 NEDPA E News August 20: NYS Agricultural Seasonal Worker COVID-19 Testing Opportunity

August 20 NEDPA E News August 20: Testimonies for Wage Board Hearings, Safe Harvest 2020 (copy 02)

August 18 NEDPA E News August 18:NEDPA Webinar Recording and Slides: 2020 Updates to New York Farm Labor Laws

August 14 NEDPA E News August 14:REMINDER: NEDPA Webinar, Onboarding Program, MB Webinar

August 11 NEDPA E News August 11: NEDPA Labor Webinar, USDA Survey, FARM Program Recognized, NYFB E-Lobby

August 6 NEDPA E News August 6:COVID-19 Resources, USDA Extends Deadlines, NRCS EQIP, Fotonovela, Got Milk?

July 31 NEDPA E News Friday, July 31: Labor Law Clarification on Calendar Week, Sick Leave

July 30 NEDPA E News July 30- NYSDOL FLFLPA Resources, Update from DC Trodden, NMPF, Producer Survey

July 28 NEDPA E ALERT July 28- NEDPA and NYSVGA Continue to Pursue Definitions within FLFLPA

July 23 NEDPA E News July 23- NMPF Press Release, NYS Livestock Farmer Survey, July 2020 Dairy Market Repor

July 22 NEDPA E Alert July 22 – ACTION REQUIRED: Please Report Acres Being Rented for Farm Use From NYS

July 17 NEDPA E News July 17-COVID-19 Resources and Reminders, NYCAMH/NEC Farmworker Survey, NYFB Webinar

July 13 NEDPA E News July 13-Hiring Reminders During COVID, NYS Ag and Mkts Updates, Dairy Defined, FCE Web

July 10 NEDPA E ALERT July 10- NEDPA and NYSVGA Continue to Seek Clarity on Provisions of FLFLPA

July 9 NEDPA E News July 9-USDA FSA Updates, NMPF Updates, SBA Offering PPP/EIDL Webinars, Nat. Cow Appr.