Archived E Communication


January 10 NEDPA E-ALERT Wednesday, January 10: NEDPA Statement on Gov Hochul’s 2024 State of the State Address

January 5 NEDPA E-News Friday, January 5: 2023 NEDPA Year in Review, Min. Wage and OT reminders, Neonic Legislation


December 22 NEDPA E-News December 22: Minimum Wage Increase and OT Threshold Effective January 1, 2024

December 21 NEDPA E-ALERT Thursday, December 21: Grow NY Farms Update

December 8 NEDPA E-News December 8: Labor Roadshow, Min. Wage Increase Effective Jan. 1, Whole Milk in Schools

December 1 NEDPA E-News December 1: 2024 NEDM Conference Registration, On Farm Milk Storage and Handling Grant

November 17 NEDPA E-News November 17: NEDPA Welcomes VP of Regulatory and Leg. Affairs, Farm Bill Extension, Labor Roadshow, Dairy Apprenticeship

November 10 NEDPA E-News Friday, November 10: Tips to Support Schools during Milk Carton Shortage, Labor Roadshow VII Registration, USDA to Reconvene FMMO Hearing

November 3 NEDPA E-News November 3: Milk Carton Shortage Update, Labor Roadshow Registration Open

October 27: NEDPA E-News October 27: Cayuga County Farmer Leaders Host Tour, Labor Roadshow Registration

October 20: NEDPA E-News October 20:USDA Milk Loss Program Deadline Extended, Dairy Workforce Catalog Webinar

October 17: NEDPA E-Alert October 17: Grow NY Farms Updated Resources and Media Coverage

October 13: NEDPA E-News October 13: USDA Milk Loss Program, Portal to Hire Asylum Seekers, NYCSGA 2024 RFP

October 10: NEDPA E-Alert October 10: Grow NY Farms Update on Temporary Restraining Order

October 6: NEDPA E-News October 6: GNYF Update, Milk Loss Program, $3Billion for Climate Smart Practices

October 2: NEDPA E-Alert October 2: NY’s Agriculture Industry Files TRO to Halt Provisions of FLFLPA

September 29: NEDPA E-News September 29: NEDPA Membership Renewal Season, Farm Bill Talking Points, Labor Roadshow

September 22: NEDPA E-News September 22: Upstate Power 100, Farm Bill Talking Points, Dairy Assoc, Summit

September 18: NEDPA E-News Monday, September 18: National Farm Safety and Health Week, Horizontal Silo Safety, Ag Supervisory Leadership Course in Spanish, USDA MLP

September 12: NEDPA E-ALERT Tuesday, September 12: USDA Announces Milk Loss Program Relief for Farms Forced to Dump Milk in 2020-2022

September 8: NEDPA E-News Friday, September 8: USDA Announces Milk Loss Program, AgriTech Workforce Readiness Summit, NYS Wage Transparency Law

September 1 NEDPA E-News September 1: LTE in The Citizen, Heat Illness Prevention Reminders

August 30 NEDPA E-Alert August 30: Survey: Ag Labor Workgroup Seeking Input from Farmers and Employees

August 18 NEDPA E-News August 18: NEDPA PSC Comments, DEC Guidance & Registration Form- 3rd Party Applicators

August 11 NEDPA E-News August 11: I-9 Form Update Clarifications, Dairy Climate Leadership Specialist Position

August 4 NEDPA E-News August 4: Advocating for Whole and 2% Milk in Schools, Update I-9 Forms, OSHA Falls NEP

July 28 NEDPA E-News July 28: Cayuga County Farm Tour, OSHA Heat Hazard Alert, Hearing on FMMO Reform

July 21 NEDPA E-News July 21: OT Tax Credit Survey, Custom Applicator Registration Requirements

July 18 NEDPA E-Alert July 18:USDOL Announces Rule Expanding Submission Requirements for Injury/Illness Data

July 14 NEDPA E-News July 14: Impacts of Truck Driver Shortages, Whole Milk for Healthy Kids, DCBC

July 7 NEDPA E-News July 7:DPO Board Request for Applications, CAWD Update, FCE NE Dairy Farm Summary

June 29 NEDPA E-News June 29: Workforce Development Guide for NY Dairy, Amicus Brief, Op-ed

June 23 NEDPA E-News June 23: Ice Cream Social w/ NYSDAM, NEDPA Director Op-Ed, OSHA Heat Illness Prevention

June 16 NEDPA E-News June 16: Governor Announces Lactation Room Requirements, E-lobby Now

June 9 NEDPA E-News June 9: Resources to Protect Employees Poor Air Quality, Vet Prescription Required

June 5 NEDPA E-News June 5: Farmers Share What World Milk Day Means to Them, USDA Response to NMPF Proposal

May 31 NEDPA E-Alert May 31: Webinar Recording: Union Basics for Farm Employees, Heat Illness Prevention

May 26 NEDPA E-News May 26: Dairy Day at NYS Capitol, E-lobby to Oppose Neonic Ban, Official RFID Eartags

May 19 NEDPA E-News May 19: NEDPA Letter of Support for NMPF FMMO Proposal, $600 Farm Worker Relief Program

May 12 NEDPA E-News May 12: Fairlife Production Facility Coming to WNY, Minimum Wage Overview

May 9 NEDPA E-Alert Tuesday, May 9: Overview of Changes to NYS Minimum Wage Law

May 5 NEDPA E-News May 5: Upcoming Webinar: Union Basics for Farm Employees in Spanish, USDOL NEP

May 3 E-News Wednesday, May 3: NYS Budget Passes With Mandatory Minimum Wage Hike Schedule

April 28 NEDPA E-News April 28: GNYF Letter on Minimum Wage, PHWS Farm Tour, Farm Worker Relief Funds Webinar

April 21: NEDPA Letter to Governor, Farm Security Resources, NYSDOL 2023 Electronic Posters, OSHA Heat Illness Prevention Resources

April 6: NEDPA Farm Bill Talking Points, Grow NY Farms Take Action Toolkit, Please Participate in the NY Farm Labor in Transition Survey!

March 31: National Dairy Challenge in ENY, Grow NY Farms Toolkit, Informational Handouts for Farmworkers on Unions

March 24:  NY OSHA Dairy LEP Webinar Recording, GNYF Coalition, Handouts on Unions for Farmworkers, NY Farm Labor in Transition Survey

March 17:  NY OSHA Dairy LEP Webinar, OSHA Enforcement Guidance, 2023-24 One-House Budget Overview, NY Farm Labor in Transition Survey

March 15: Overview of 2023-24 Senate and Assembly One House Budget Proposals

March 13: NYCAMH Budget Press Conf., GNYF Coalition Letter on Min. Wage, Register for NY OSHA LEP Update Webinar, Unionization Resources

March 3 Ag Water Withdrawal Reporting Reminder, PERB Final Rules Overview. NEDPA Regional Meetings Continue Next Week, OSHA Webinar

February 24 NEDPA Elects New Board Directors, NYS DOL Finalizes Farmworker OT Regs, Regional Meetings begin next week!

February 17 NEDPA Advocating at the NYS Capitol, Final PERB Unionization Rules, Milk Losses Survey, NY OSHA LEP Webinar

February 3 Ag in the NYS Executive Budget, D&T Summit, Becker Forum, NYSDAM Survey on Milk Losses, NYCAMH Sign On Letter

January 27 2022 Year in Review, Operation Managers Conference Next Week, 2023 Becker Forum, DPO Board Nominations, OSHA Guidance

January 20 New CAFO Permit Effective Jan. 23, Members Honored at NYS Ag Society, Operation Managers Conference, Becker Forum

January 13 State of the State, Operation Managers Conference, Dairy and Transportation Summit, 2023 Becker Forum, PERB Mediation

January 6 NEDPA E-News January 6: NEDPA Director Election, Operation Managers Conference, 2023 Becker Forum