Why Join NEDPA?

Reasons members give for joining NEDPA

  •          We prioritize our NEDPA membership because NEDPA keeps us informed on the pulse of the dairy industry in the Northeast.
  •          Even when I am too busy in my business to help advocate for a better dairy climate, I know that NEDPA is out there doing it for me.
  •          NEDPA is a small investment for a huge payback. For only $1 per cow per year we are part of a network to impact policy on issues pertinent to the dairy industry.
  •         NEDPA provides our farm with the guidance and tools to meet industry requirements and remain current on issues.
  •          The information sent out in the NEDPA newsletter and E-News helps me stay informed.
  •          Our farm is a member of NEDPA because the organization is on the forefront of the issues that are crucial to our business.  
  •          The NEDPA leadership (Board) are all active dairy producers, just like the membership.
  •          NEDPA is in tune with current industry topics and is forward-thinking to be proactive on future issues that may challenge the industry.
  •          NEDPA provides members with a voice and representation on state/regional issues.
  •          We join NEDPA to support an organization of progressive producers focused on advancing the dairy industry responsibly, regarding the environment and in our communities.
  •          As a NEDPA member, we have access to the Dairy Issues Team to help with a crisis on our farm — just a phone call away.
  •          NEDPA networks and collaborates with other organizations to have a more powerful voice in representing our positions.
  •          NEDPA members receive a complimentary 30-minute legal consultation with Michael Best & Friedrich, a top law firm that understands the dairy industry.
  •          NEDPA provides the support and resources needed during times of crisis. When I had an immigration issue I got answers even on the weekend. NEDPA is not 9:00 to 5:00 –  its hours are our hours.
  •          NEDPA has been, and continues to be, the lead organization dealing with CAFO issues in a proactive way. 
  •          From its original response to the CAFO issue, NEDPA has evolved into a very respected organization that responds quickly and effectively to influence critical issues that impact my business.