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Joint Statement from the Northeast Dairy Producers Association and the New York State Vegetable Growers Association Following the Recommendation from the Farm Labor Wage Board

The Farm Labor Wage Board voted at their meeting tonight (December 31) to hold the overtime threshold at 60 hours and reconvene in late 2021 to reassess. 

On behalf of farmers across New York State, we thank New York Farm Bureau President David Fisher for representing the voice of agriculture, and we appreciate the Farm Labor Wage Board for recognizing that additional time and data is needed.

We expect that when the Board reconvenes in 2021, they will realize that information from multiple growing seasons is required to make a reasonable recommendation on the future of farming in New York State. Further we call upon expert resources from the Department of Agriculture & Markets and Cornell University to assist in the research and analysis necessary to render an informed recommendation.

We also recognize and thank all the farm workers, farm owners, and industry partners for taking the time to participate in this process. We encourage you to continue to share your message and stay engaged.

Dairy Farmers Call on Commissioner Reardon to Counsel Wage Board

After the December 28th Wage Board meeting, NEDPA felt it necessary to call on Department of Labor Commissioner Reardon to counsel the Wage Board to urge the appointees to remains within purview, seek the Agriculture Commissioner’s input, to set aside other agendas, and that adjustment of the overtime threshold is not appropriate at the time. In addition, NEDPA also sent another letter to Governor Cuomo to compliment the statement sent to the Department of Labor. The Wage Board is scheduled to meet again on December 29th and December 31st.

CLICK HERE to read NEDPA’s full statement

CLICK HERE to read NEDPA’s letter to Governor Cuomo

NEDPA Board Chair John Dickinson Asks DOL Commissioner Reardon and Governor Cuomo to Maintain Overtime Threshold at 60 Hours for New York Family Farms

CLICK HERE to read PDF of NEDPA’s statement

Operation Managers Conference Virtual Series

Weekly on Thursdays January 28, 2021-February 18, 2021 at 12-2PM

Presented by NEDPA and Cornell PRO-DAIRY, the 2021 Operation Mangers Conference Series theme this year is “Embracing Excellence”. This four-week virtual event will feature educational topics and applicable strategies for management teams whether their focus is cows, crops, or people.

Cost to participate is $100 per person. Registrants will receive access to presentation recordings and exclusive content via conference app in addition to the live feed each Thursday afternoon.

CLICK HERE to learn more about session topics and speakers! Keep an eye out for a detailed article on Operation Mangers Conference in the latest NEDPA Newsletter, One Step Ahead.

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Ag Workforce Development Council to Host Virtual Labor Roadshow IV

Save the Dates: Nov. 18,19, 20, 23, 24

The Ag workforce Development Council is hosting a series of five one-two hour webinars via Zoom on November 18, 19, 20, 23, and 24 at 12 PM. The cost is $55 per person for all five webinars and the recording links.

Topics will include:

  • FLFLPA Overtime and Day-of-Rest Updates
  • New NY Permanent Sick Leave Law and Insurance Requirements
  • Paid Family Leave and Disability
  • Union Education
  • FLFLPA Employee Housing Requirements
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Requirements
  • COVID-19 and Farm Workforce Health

CLICK HERE to Register
CLICK HERE for Labor Roadshow IV Poster

NEDPA Chair Featured on the Front Page of Glen Falls Post Star

John Dickinson of Ideal Dairy Farms and NEDPA Chair was featured in a follow up article to the Wage Board Hearings on the front page of the Glen Falls Post Star. He shared how the impacts of the 60 hour per week overtime threshold along with challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic are exacerbating the consolidation of New York’s dairy industry.

CLICK HERE to read the article : Farmworkers concerned about possible overtime increases

Richard Popp Memorial Leadership Award – Maureen Torrey-Marshall of Torrey Farms

Richard “Dick” Popp was a founding member of NEDPA and a passionate man of integrity, grit and conviction. Following his death in 1997 at only 58 years of age, NEDPA established a memorial award to recognize members who portray Dick’s leadership qualities, pioneering spirit, and selfless contributions to agriculture and their community.

NEDPA is honoring Maureen Torrey Marshall as the 2020 recipient of the Richard Popp Memorial Leadership Award. Maureen’s passion for agriculture, her persistence in advocating on its behalf, and her leadership in collaborating, fostering teamwork and empowering her peers has had an impact all farm businesses.

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