Hear From Our Members

Member Testimonials

Perspective from past NEDPA Leaders:

“NEDPA is the tip of the sword addressing issues critical to sustaining our future.”- Jonathan Lamb, Lamb Farm, past Chair

“…the largest value is that it’s an organization that is farmer driven, and was founded to specifically represent progressive farms on all the various issues that are specific to the NYS dairy industry.  This is invaluable.  The issues evolve and NEDPA has evolved with them.”  – Neil Rejman, Sunnyside Farms, past Chair

“NEDPA is the first line of defense on our farm. A force field that the outside world has to get through to get to us. We appreciate the fact that there are people out there watching our backs and using their talents to help us out when in need.”- Cliff Hanehan, Hanehan Family Dairy, past Chair

“NEDPA’s active engagement in the dairy industry is shaping the future of dairy in NY; their dedication to committing resources to impact regulation, community, industry research and education is important for the sustainability of dairy in New York”.- Carolyn Potter, Cornell PRO-DAIRY, former Executive Director

Now more than ever we need a voice. We need your voice. We need all hands on deck. We need NEDPA.” – John Dickinson, Ideal Dairy Farms, former NEDPA Chair

Business and Industry Partners:

“Seneca Dairy is proud to be an Affiliate member of Northeast Dairy Producers Association. NEDPA is a valued resource for dairy farm families and provides timely/relevant information. Thank you for sharing your members stories and continuing involvement in our local communities.” -Seneca Dairy Systems LLC

“Being a part of NEDPA is about supporting a community that you’re in. Everyone in the dairy industry is in it together. Servicing dairy farms is our livelihood as hoof trimmers. The more we can do to strengthen the dairy community the better we as an industry are as a whole” -Zane Hendrickson, Hendrickson’s Hooftrimming, Inc.

“As the largest lender to New York’s dairy farms, Farm Credit East values being a NEDPA Affiliate member.  NEDPA provides proactive leadership on a wide range of issues affecting all New York dairy farms, through advocacy, but also as a source of information and practical assistance farms need to navigate today’s complex business environment.  Farm Credit East is pleased to partner with NEDPA through its affiliate membership program on these efforts.” -Tom Cosgrove, Executive Vice President for Public Affairs and Knowledge Exchange. 

“We are a member because NEDPA is on the forefront of the issues that are crucial to dairies and those dairies are crucial to our business.  NEDPA keeps us well informed with all the current events here in the Northeast which is so important as things continue to evolve and change quickly in our ever so important dairy industry.” -Jim Conroe, Sr. Regional Director East, Phibro Animal Health

“This year, Feedworks USA upped its membership level to NEDPA to become an Affiliate member.  While that does represent a significant financial contribution, it is one we are very happy to do.  NEDPA is a great organization that represents many, many dairy farm families and their businesses across New York and surrounding states.  In this day and age, both production agriculture and agribusiness are undergoing a massive consolidation.  This should, working with academia, create a closer working relationship, to strengthen us all. 

NEDPA is an organization that has a long tradition of being a well organized, well led and a thoughtful group of directors and members.  All of these things entered into our show of support for NEDPA along with helping give a greater voice to the dairy community.” -John Clark, Feedworks USA

Reasons members give for joining NEDPA:

• We prioritize our NEDPA membership because NEDPA keeps us informed on the pulse of the dairy industry in the Northeast.

• Even when I am too busy in my business to help advocate for a better dairy climate, I know that NEDPA is out there doing it for me.

• NEDPA is a small investment for a huge payback. For only $1 per cow per year we are part of a network to impact policy on issues pertinent to the dairy industry.

• NEDPA provides our farm with the guidance and tools to meet industry requirements and remain current on issues.

• The information sent out in the NEDPA newsletter and E-News helps me stay informed.

• Our farm is a member of NEDPA because the organization is on the forefront of the issues that are crucial to our business.

• The NEDPA leadership (Board) are all active dairy producers, just like the membership.

• NEDPA is in tune with current industry topics and is forward-thinking to be proactive on future issues that may challenge the industry.

• NEDPA provides members with a voice and representation on state/regional issues.

• We join NEDPA to support an organization of progressive producers focused on advancing the dairy industry responsibly, regarding the environment and in our communities.

• As a NEDPA member, we have access to the Dairy Issues Team to help with a crisis on our farm — just a phone call away.

• NEDPA networks and collaborates with other organizations to have a more powerful voice in representing our positions.

• NEDPA members receive a complimentary 30-minute legal consultation with Michael Best & Friedrich, a top law firm that understands the dairy industry.

• NEDPA provides the support and resources needed during times of crisis. When I had an immigration issue I got answers even on the weekend. NEDPA is not 9:00 to 5:00 – its hours are our hours.

• NEDPA has been, and continues to be, the lead organization dealing with CAFO issues in a proactive way.

• From its original response to the CAFO issue, NEDPA has evolved into a very respected organization that responds quickly and effectively to influence critical issues that impact my business.